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Profiling Information:

The data which you provide while you subscribe or register for offerings and records about your identification together with race, gender, marital repute, age, and plenty of others. Also, your economic records consisting of your banking records and any information regarding your billing shall be received. Your personal details inclusive of your physical addresses, postal addresses, phone, and fax numbers, etc. shall also be taken.

Price and Account Records:

Your account history with us inclusive of (without hassle) all billing data and communications, price history, etc. We maintain this in encrypted form on comfortable servers.

Transactional Facts:

Transactional history (aside from banking info) about your e-trade sports.

Consumer IDs:

Your usernames, passwords, electronic mail addresses and other security-related records used by you in phrases of our services.

Saved Information:

Facts either created with the aid of manner of you or using the 3rd party and which you want to store on our servers which encompass photograph documents, files, and many others.

We excellent gather your facts to behavior our enterprise and to permit us to supply and enhance our services. If you decline to put up personal statistics to us, then we can unluckily not be in a function to offer the services to you. We are not obliged to you or any 3rd party for any howsoever springing up from your disclosure of private statistics in any private environment and also if you reveal information in a non-public environment at your very personal threat.